The Sociological Imagination And The Big Picture Of Our Lives

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Realities fade in and out of existence within everyone’s lives, and it’s not always easy to tell what will and what won’t have a lasing impact on you. Mills suggests that we all experience various and specific milieux which are often caused by changes to ourselves and our societies. While people do not always see the troubles and triumphs they go through holistically, they still try to understand their changes and try to look beyond them to synthesize who they are and why they are that way. The sociological imagination allows us to understand the the big picture of our lives and how they exist within society.
Mills asks first how the structure of the society in which you live acts as a whole. Having lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, my whole life, some of the essential components of society here consist of stereotypically traditional southern values. It stands in the midst of social change away from its history of racism toward a more progressive, tolerant, and hopefully accepting future.
Even with this shift, there are still residual resentments reaching back all the way from the Civil War. My family is not from Arkansas, they moved here from New York, and I was the only one to be born in Arkansas. My entire life I have been told by people that I am not truly one of them, I’m not an Arkansan because the rest of my family is from New York; therefore, I must have been raised as a “darn Yankee,” but I am also not considered a New Yorker because I’ve never lived there. Society…

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