The Sociological Causes For Men 's Violence Essay

1332 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
One of the sociological causes for men’s violence in our society is the outcome of the difference in process of socialization between girls and boys . The socialization process can be explained by order theory, since order theory indicates what kind of values socialization puts upon girls and boys. The way boys and girls are being raised differently from the very first moment we’re born. Girls are supposed to wear pink outfits indicating their femineity, and boys are usually dressed up in blue or green color. The games that boys usually play convey values such as strength, competition, courage. On the other hand, the games that girls play are more about role taking, expressing emotions, and cooperation. Socialization reproduces inequality from generation to generation by conveying different expectations and norms to males and females. As a result, males usually find it more difficult to express their emotions since what they learn through socialization is that strength is valued in our society. Gradual suppression of emotions is the result of the socialization process for males, and it is one of the causes for violence among men. Socialization process doesn’t educate men how to deal with emotions and how to express them, rather than that it educates about hiding emotions as a right thing to do for men. As emotions build up throughout the men’s life due to different types of struggles men have to face, eventually men release their accumulated emotions in form of…

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