The Socio Economic Conditions Of New York City Essay

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The socio-economic conditions of New York City teach us to dwell more on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed rather than bring our attention to the present moment. It has become natural to get lost in our busy schedules so much that we forget to wrap our minds around our purpose. As a result, we forget to channel our inner-selves or even be cognizant that one exists. While it is important to use this inner-being to reflect on moments of our past and plan strategically for those of the future, it is equally important to be mindful, and to acknowledge and live in the present. But what exactly is mindfulness and how does one go about achieving it?
I have always taken school seriously but the death of my father marked a drastic shift in what school meant to me. It began when my mom was left with the responsibility of taking care of me and my brother on a single paycheck. We were forced to move out of our home because the rent was too high and finances have been a problem since. What could I have done? I was only seven-years-old. I was forced to mature quickly and understand things about life that shouldn’t have made sense to me yet, especially since they didn’t seem to be having an impact on my much older brother enough to want to make a difference. I realized that if we were going to progress out of our hardships, I had to take an initiative and there was only one way to do so – exceling in school. School went from being a place I simply had to go to and get good…

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