Essay on The Socio Ecological Model ( Sem )

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The Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) was created in order to develop an understanding of the relationships between an individual and their social surroundings. While many other models use narrowly conceived frameworks, the SEM considers multiple levels of influence. At the core of the model lies the individual, with three levels of social influence surrounding -- representing interpersonal relationships, organizational/community influence, and governmental policy action. Social Ecology is an all-encompassing body of work that seeks to establish theoretical frameworks by considering the interrelations of people and their distinct environmental factors related to health and wellness. SEM integrates individual approaches related to health behavior by utilizing interventions focusing on improving physical and social surroundings. However, SEM goes beyond environmental change by establishing theoretical models explaining the dynamic connections between individuals and their social settings. Social ecology is derived from a multitude of research areas but ultimately stems from the biological relationships between organisms and their environment. As such, greater attention was eventually brought towards developing an understanding of people and the social and cultural constructs surrounding them. SEM characterizes environmental health impacts into physical, social, and cultural dimensions, such as ‘physical health status or social cohesion.’ Moreover, potential environmental factors…

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