The Society 's Understanding And Action For The Victims Essay

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Over 12 million men and women face abuse by their partners yearly, and of that only about 3 in 10 women and 1 in 10 men report their abusers and seek help ("NCADV”). The nation taboos domestic abuse, much like the topic of sex and mental illness, which is unfair to victims trying to seek help. However, unlike those topics, the society in which we live in normalizes, and even pokes fun at the dilemma of domestic abuse. Although some will argue that the fact that there are shelters and improvements for victims in the justice system prove the society’s understanding and action for the victims, the society that we live in normalizes the issue because of the situations in television and music, the lack of media coverage, and the leeway that athletes have when charged with domestic assault. Domestic abuse can be traced back as far as history itself. In 753 B.C., during the reign of Romulus in Rome, The Laws of Chastisement condoned the abuse on a wife by a husband. Since at this time, men were held accountable for the crimes and actions of their wives, hence it provided a way that the husband could be protected from harm of the wife’s actions. This idea traveled throughout the world. It was not until 1829 that the husband’s absolute power of chastisement was abolished, however this is far from ending the dilemma of domestic abuse. In the 1970’s women take action in the Feminist Movement in hopes to create equality and end domestic abuse, however, men are still not recognized as…

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