The Society Of Brave New World Essay

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Utopian societies are unrealistic and unattainable because man is inherently bad.
Instead of making life paradise, the World State creates contentment by conditioning and numbing individuals to their feelings. Since man is inherently prone to dissatisfaction, contentment can only be developed through conditioning and other unnatural processes. In the opening paragraph of the novel, it displays the consequences of unharnessed technology and man’s refusal to acknowledge the consequences (Watt). “But technology plays a supporting rather than initiating role. It is the tool of a philosophical and economic vision” (Posner). “Technology enables but does not dictate” (Posner). [Brave New World] Is a famous dystopia, sparking discussions on biotechnological developments by vividly depicting a world where humans have become less-than-human by biotechnological and socio-scientific techniques (Schermer). “The society of Brave New World is the ‘logical’ outcome of reform measures advocated by advanced thinkers in England and other countries during the depression” (Posner). “The whole society of the World State revolves around the economy and amusement. People work the whole day in Ford-like production processes and in the evenings they go to the ‘feelies’, play electromagnetic golf or have recreational sex. People have superficial friendships, but love relationships, let alone family-relationships, are absent” (Schermer). To enhance consumerism, there is a throw away mentality. “Ending…

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