The Society Has Come A Long Way Essay

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For the most part today 's society has come a long way. Everyone is considered human and get treated accordingly. As displayed in Harper Lee 's To Kill A Mockingbird readers are able to envision a mental image of what it was like from 1933-35. Readers see how much better it was to be a male rather than a female. We see what your status means and how African-Americans were treated among Caucasians. Many social inequalities are seen and challenged in the town of Maycomb.

One example of inequality in sociaty is between males and females. We see this between Dill, Jemmand Scout. Between the kids whenever things don 't go the way they want them to or when things go wrong and someone see them and they are always questioned as to why they 've done so and that question is usually followed with "and with her" as if their wrong doings would be less wrong without having a girl with them. Scout likes hanging out with Jem and Dill and is always being told that she has to "act like a girl". If everyone was equal then there would wouldn 't be something called "acting like a girl" she is who she is and she shouldn 't be thought of as less a normal girl but society has made everyone believe that males should be living in one lifestyle and females should have a certain image. Another way we see and inequality between males and females is when ain 't Alexandra comes to live with the Finches family to teach Scout how to act like a girl. Atticus was doing a good job with his kids but used…

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