The Society For Human Resources Management Essay

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The Society for Human Resources Management states, “in addition to sensitive employee information, human resources must maintain confidentiality about management or business information that is not available to non-management employees.” (5) Golden Krust does not have a HR department, so any thing that has to deal with employees goes through management. Management has been known to often discuss personal and business matters with non-management associates. Employees should feel safe to go to their supervisors about what is happening in their work or personal life without the fear of the rest of the staff knowing about it. That is not the case at Golden Krust. There have been cases where something incredibly personal and tragic such as homelessness or domestic abuse has occurred to an associate and by the next day the whole crew knows and gossips about it. Rumors about personal situations should not be accepted. This is extremely unprofessional from managers. Managers must be aware that there is a time and place to discuss personal events and when that time is appropriate, the contents of the discussion should remain disclosed and confidential. This involves altercations between co-workers as well. If there is a disagreement between two or more employees, a manager should either step in and resolve it or take it to a private location and mediate the situation. There is no excuse why an argument should be broadcasted in front of staff and especially customers.…

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