The Societal Impacts Of Marketing Minicase Essay

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The problem that is presented in the Societal Impacts of Marketing minicase is one that is becoming more frequent in society today, as we are continuously striving to become more modernized. The case illustrates a typical business environment where new ideas are proposed to superiors each day. To preface, the three main people involved in this situation all have personal connections with each other. Len Quill works for Artifacts, Ltd. under his boss, Mary Mathers. Mary Mathers’ client is Bob Littman, an art gallery owner and ethnic art importer, who Len has been working closely with to purchase from for Artifacts, Ltd. Over the years, Len has bought native arts from the Puna Native American tribe in South America and created a relationship with them, by learning to their culture, values, and language. Therefore, when Bob proposed his idea of employing the Punas, by selling their native arts that are custom made and altered towards the customer’s style preferences, Len Quill was Mary Mathers’ first call. Mary would appoint Len to propose the idea to the Punas and to inform them that if they would like to engage in business with Artifacts, Ltd., that there is a large order request to be completed immediately. From a business perspective, if Artifacts, Ltd. and the Punas became partners, both players would benefit through their profits. However, from an ethical and cultural perspective, Len knows that modernizing a long practiced and cherished tradition into a profit earning…

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