Essay about The Socially Acceptable Deadly Addiction

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The Socially Acceptable Deadly Addiction Smoking is bad, everyone knows that. “Today no one debates the conclusion that smoking is harmful to one’s health, not even smokers” (Sloan, Smith, and Taylor 1). If this is the case, then why is there still a vast population of smokers? There could be many different reasons. Cigarettes are addictive, legal, and easily available. Cigarettes can be found in almost every store and are provided with free advertising when celebrities publicize pictures with one in hand. Although the harmful effects of smoking are mostly well-known, “For some, cigarettes provide a ‘comfort,’ a ‘friend’ in times of stress, and a benefit that outweighs all consequences” (25). This is the addictive side of cigarettes that makes it hard for many to put it down for good. Although some cigarette users may want to quit, they usually do not have the support, and are so addicted they cannot stop. Tobacco can control a person and their money. This smoking addiction needs to come to an end due to the fact that it causes the death rate of a person to be “…twice as great for those continuing cigarette smokers compared with those who had never smoked” (76). Cigarettes are deadly; they shave years off of a person’s life. Just by smoking cigarettes, automatically, that person has a shorter life expectancy. On a greater scale studies have shown that “Consumption of tobacco products is a major source of preventable premature deaths in the United States” (7). Again, the…

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