The Social Work Profession Essay

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I believe the social work profession consist of a coalition of individuals who are dedicated to a particular cause. The social work profession is implemented solely through the core values. Social workers join the profession with aspirations to create positive changes in conglomeration with core values to uphold the highest standards. Generally, the social work profession appeals to the interests of persons, who are subjected to life experiences or witness negative environmental factors in the lives of other individuals. The motivation overshadows career ambitions that lead social workers to serve a population of interest that have a variety of professional divisions. In my human service experience, I chose to incorporate the core values of integrity and emphasize on the importance of human relationships. Mutually, these social work core values equally assisted me in serving the population of childhood maltreatment survivors. For instance, childhood maltreatment survivors are susceptible to having trust issues with adults and fear the repercussions of divulging undisclosed abuse. The method of building relationships is crucial to effectively remove trust barriers to provide effective treatment for child abuse survivors. Lastly, social work core values inevitably coincide once the human relationship is formed with a social worker and client. For five years, I worked in Central America and built many significant relationships in the role as a…

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