The Social Stigma Of Loneliness Essay

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The purpose of this study was to determine the presence of the social stigma of loneliness and how it presents itself in different races, which in this case included both White and Hispanic. This study used the two independent variables of race and loneliness state in order to create several characters, which were then presented to the participant. Race was operationalized by changing the name of the character to represent either a White or Hispanic person. Some examples of the names used include John and Ryan for the White characters and Miguel and Juan for the Hispanic characters. Loneliness state was operationalized by either scenario that depicted the target character as either enjoying to socialize and having many friends or depicted the target character as disliking interaction and having few friends. The dependent variable in this study was the interpersonal attraction rating, which served as a measurement of the stigma; this was done by calculating the number of positive responses to four questions to determine the level of interpersonal attraction between the participant and the target character. Interpersonal attraction results from the set of characteristics between two people that is responsible for how likeable people are perceived and for the formation of relationships. The researchers coded each response onto a ratio scale where a score of 4 means that every unique aspect of likeability was met, and a score of 0 indicates that there is no likeability…

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