The Social Rights Of The Arab Civil War Essay

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In Adnan’s novel, Marie Rose is a character that defends the social rights of the Palestinians although they are “enemies” due to their association with their respective religions. As a result, she is abducted by the militiamen regarding her relationship with a Palestinian man and for also aiding the Palestinian refugees. This is the outcome of religion and its connection with one’s region. For example, the majority of Palestinians are Sunni Islam and a greater part of the Lebanese population is Maronite Christians. Of course, this overlooks the fact that there are indeed some Palestinians who are Christians and vice versa. Since this generalization has been passed down through generations it creates a misunderstanding of the people as a whole. Therefore, the options regarding which relationships can be formed are narrowed, thus, creating a rift between the two. Moreover, this is a negative impact as a result of colonialism. What unravels because of the Lebanese Civil War is the executions and murders of innocent people due to their religious affiliation. It became a war against the Muslims and Christians, exploiting religion under the pretext that they were “fighting for the road that leads to the divine” (Adnan 63). Consequently, colonialism reinforced the construction of Arabs as zealots, which is a repeated representation of Arabs in various films. It is evident that colonizers are at fault for fabricating the tension between both religions that is still very much…

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