Industrial Revolution: Most Transformative Event In Human History

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Sashane Brearcliffe
Professor Dr. Lisa-Jo K van deh Scott
Sociology 1000-003
January 17, 2018
Reflection #1 Industrial Revolution. Having taught Industrial Revolution, I have come to believe that, aside from the widespread adoption of systematic farming around 8,000 BC, the Industrial Revolution was the most transformative event in human history. Industrial Revolution can be defined as the rapid development industry that transpire in the 19th century, brought about the introduction of machinery. This was a revolution of steam power, growth of factories and mass production of manufactured goods. In other word, industrial revolution was a time when we took a big step into the world of machines. It is amazing to know that our ancestors subsist through hunting and gathering activities and then 10,000 years later life took on a different meaning. Industrial revolution changed every aspect of our lives. For example, family, structures, people’s thought, dreams and aspirations. It led to the rise
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The most important consequences of urbanization were a rapid increase in crime. This happened as a result of factors that dominated the urban landscape. Two of which were poverty and unemployment. Whenever someone was injured on the job or laid off, he or she had little chance to replace his/her lost income. Nevertheless, the industrial revolution germinated new and iconic technologies which led to what we have today, which is a point in history that remains vitally important. As time passed, people gained more benefits, and their lives became better. Work became much less tedious, and many people found themselves with more extra time. Finally, there is the modern day and the future. Technology and industry has dominated our world, improving it to a point that would have been unimaginable one hundred years ago, and with the help of the people, the sacrificing and the hardships, progress

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