The Social Realm Of Humanity Essay

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Outside of the interpretations of suffering and evil from a religious perspective, sociologist Max Weber presents theories that use the social realm of humanity to provide insight to this issue. The notion that class systems act as a mechanism that denies the upward mobility for the lower class, maintains a social order where personal suffering is to be expected. In contrast, the “socially and economically privileged strata will scarcely feel the need of salvation” (Weber 62). The upper classes are in the position where they are unaffected by suffering; unlike their lower class counter parts do. The idea that salvation comes from a life long struggle with suffering is the key to salvation is not of pertinent concern. What the upper class is trying to do, is legitimize the suffering of those belonging in the lower strata of society. The “desires to have the right of the fortune, the ‘consciousness’ that the one has ‘deserved’ the good fortune, in contrast to the unfortunate one who must equally have ‘deserved’ the misfortune” (62). Using validation tactics amongst the upper class and the lower class based on social and economic privilege perpetuates who must face evil and suffering, not through the decisions of God, but through one’s own conscious.
In addition, Weber explains that the lower class is more susceptible to the idea of “magic” that he believes occurs most commonly in “popular religion”. Weber states, “pure magic requires faith in the magical power of the…

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