The Social Problems Of The Service Agencies Within A Community

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Understanding Social Problems
Society is comprised of an intricate diverse accumulation of social issues enveloped around a populace. Societal issues, such as Mental Illness, Homelessness, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction, and Gang Violence are each contemporary social problems that negatively influence a populace; hence, creating a need for assistance. Characteristically individuals tend to observe their society as a structure in which they live, failing to recognize how social issues influence our behaviors and or reactions to events that occur within the environment (Leon-Guerrero, 2016). Ultimately without the proper understanding and awareness, social problems tend to be overlooked, until they directly impact lives resulting in the need for intervention.
Societal issues are omnipresent, creating a need for community-based agencies and programs to provide assistance and intervention. Throughout a community, there are various resources established to provide assistance to reduce social problems within the populace. The intentions of the service agencies within a community are to reduce the social dysfunction within its populace. Agencies such as Kern County Mental Health Crisis Hotline serve a diverse group of individuals that are undergoing a stressful experience in response to social issues. The Crisis hotline acts as a network of resources reaching out in a lifeline like a web to provide services to the entire populace in need.

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