The Social Problems Of Developing Countries Using Various Types Of Design

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The element of design is too complex to be simply defined. It has numerous benefits; one particular benefit is that it helps solve contemporary social issues. Despite the different roles it has, "design has had one constant role throughout history as an agent of change that helps us to interpret changes of any type" (Rawsthorn, 2015). There are groups of people who make it their responsibility to use the benefits of design to find solutions to various problems in society; these people are called design activists. Whether the issue be poverty, poor health, alcohol or drug addictions, homelessness, unemployment or lack of education, design activists make it their priority to find solutions for the issue. Many design activists are working towards solving contemporary social problems in developing countries using various types of design. There are many concerning contemporary social problems in Asian countries that need immediate attention. 'LaXmi ' which teaches financial literacy skills to Indian women, 'Liter of Light ' which uses basic materials to give light to people living in daylight darkness, and 'Half the Sky: Mobile games ' which aims to teach women and children essential survival skills, are three design activism projects created by design activists to solve particular contemporary social problems in Asian countries. As (designtoimprovelife) states, LaXmi is a "board game [which] breaks [the] poverty cycle for illiterate women". Poverty is a growing…

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