Essay about The Social Problem Of Domestic Violence

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Define and describe the social problem
Domestic Violence also known as intimate partner violence (IPV) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence by one person against another in a domestic setting such as marriage, or cohabitation. Domestic violence is a public health concern around the world that impacts many but often goes unnoticed and unreported. Domestic violence can take a number of forms such as physical, emotional, and sexual; also violence does not discriminate based on age, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013).
Physical Violence is the most obvious form of domestic violence. This type of abuse involves inflicting pain by using physical force that results in bodily injury. Signs and symptoms of physical abuse include but not limited to:
 Slapping, kicking, biting, or choking.
 Telling you when to eat or sleep.
 Using weapons to threaten you, or to force you to stay.
 Threaten to harm the kids to get you to obey to orders.
 Isolating you from loved ones
 Forcing you to use drugs or alcohol (Patricelli, 2005).
Emotional abuse is defined as of pain or distress through verbal communication, or nonverbal acts. Emotional abuse is not limited to verbal assaults, intimidation, and harassment, it can also include given someone the silent treatment. This type of abuse can be dangerous, because it is often not easily recognized, and can go on for a long period of type damaging the victim’s…

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