The Social Problem Of Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

1951 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
In an era in which the amount of media coverage of child maltreatment and neglect has risen considerably, it is time for communication scholars to examine the character of that coverage. The media have played an important role as an active agent of information in the historical transformation of the problem of child abuse and neglect. From the very beginning of the social recognition of the existence of “cruelty to children” as a social problem in the late nineteenth century, the media, particularly newspapers, were at the very center (Gough & Stanley, 2007). The media discovered, unveiled, and constructed the social problem out of a once minor private charity concern (Gough & Stanley, 2007). The media helped to establish the individual problem as a social problem that needed a social solution through public policy. The media demonstrates two acts of child maltreatment, physical and sexual abuse, with a lot of contempt. It promotes the fact that child maltreatment is a wrong and should be shunned by society as much as possible. The media influences the majority of the people to make a decision that indeed, violence and abuse against children is wrong. It also portrays the perpetrators as people who had no feelings and respect for humanity.
The way the media portrayed the three articles had an enormous impact on society. Nevertheless, I believe that emotional abuse is less visible than the examples of physical abuse that often appear in the media. Emotional Abuse (affects a…

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