The Social Of Social Control Theory Essay

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Out of all the sociological and psychological theories listed in chapter 2 of our textbook, I think the social control theory has the most merit. The theory is based on four components of social bond. These components are what keep people from committing crimes. The first component is attachment; someone does not commit a crime because they are afraid of being judged by the ones they love, respect, and value. The second is commitment; people do not commit a crime because they put considerable time and energy into the pursuit of a lawful career. They do not want to mess up any progress they have made so they do not commit crimes. The third is involvement; the lack of involvement in lawful activates can lead to the exposure to illegal activities and visa versa. In other words, the devil finds work in idle hands. The fourth and final component is belief; one does not commit a crime because they accept the social conduct prescriptions and proscriptions regulating conduct. Although, I think the social control theory has merit I wanted to get another person’s opinion on the social control theory.
I decided to get the opinion of correctional officer Gerald Dorris. He works for the Franklin County Sheriff 's Department. If you wish to reach him you may call the Franklin County Jail at (618)-439-9553. At the beginning of the interview I got his work contact information which is listed above. Once I had that I gave a brief summary of what Hirschi’s social control theory was and…

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