Essay on The Social Network That Depicts The Story Of Mark Zuckerberg

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In class we recently viewed the 2010 film The Social Network that depicts the story of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, and how Facebook came to be. The film is supposed to be story-telling representation of how Facebook came to be, but has been criticized by a few unsatisfied and disapproving viewers, the most recognizable and perhaps important, being Mr. Zuckerberg himself. He criticized the film, and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, for embellishing his life story by including instances that never occurred as well as inaccurately depicting relationships. To those who have seen The Social Network, it seems as if the entire premise on which Zuckerberg based his idea for Facebook was that of revenge and his quest to join a prestigious social club. In reality however, this is completely false. While it is reasonable that Sorkin would change different aspects of the real story in order to create a more enjoyable tale for the audience, it is also understandable as to why Zuckerberg would be frustrated with these falsified experiences. If you look at the entertainment side of things, it can be agreed on that the process of writing code, building a product, and then subsequently building a company is not a glamorous enough reality to make an entertaining movie about. In interviews provided after Zuckerberg saw the film, he expressed his discontent. He jokes at the fact that the film paid more attention to the details such as the clothes on his back, rather than to the…

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