Essay The Social Media Platforms Of Business

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In B2B there are many different social media platforms that business can use to help improve many of their B2B connections. I will be talking about the social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Recently social media marketing has taken off in the B2B commerce. They have learned that it is a great way to build customer relationships with other businesses. Although, they learned that just being present in these realms is not enough. They need to come up with content marketing strategies to help them increase their followers/likes on these different platforms. The core purpose of social media platforms is to help business get there name out there in a positive manner with hopes that it is going to lead to long term customer relationships. LinkedIn is the top B2B platform with 90% of B2B marketing content. LinkedIn is known as the social media directly designated for the business community. They have also focused on using other social networks as Facebook and Twitter to help create the user find pre-existing connections with people they might already know. Twitter is not much further behind at 85%(CMI). They are known for being a creative platform. In B2B they use twitter as a way to gain insight about their customers and can test lots of content they also can track all of their content they are testing. Facebook has 75% usage. Its know that Facebook is better for B2C but still is an excellent platform for B2B. Companies use Facebook for…

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