The Social Media And Its Impact That It Has On Marketing For A Business

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The purpose of this short paper is to speak upon the social media and its impact that it has on marketing for a business.
When starting a business, marketing your company is very important. Without promoting the products and services that you have your business will fail. There are many forms of marketing that can be used to showcase you company and get your name out there. Social Media is a popular form and can be very economical for starting out.
Jayson Demers of states, some of the importance of using social media for a startup is, increasing brand recognition, brand loyalty, more opportunities that can convert, higher conversion rates than conventional marketing, a higher brand authority, increased traffic, lower marketing costs, higher search engine rankings, better customer experiences and improved customer insight (Demers, 2016).
In the beginning stages of your business an important step is to promote your brand. Using social media is just another channel that you can use for brand recognition. According to smart insights, there are approximately 2.307 billion active users of social media (Chaffey, 2016). By utilizing social media, you have a good chance in getting your brand noticed.
Using site like Facebook will help you endure customer loyalty to your brand. Consumers realized that social media is powerful and that they can pretty much find what they want online, if you promote your business using this avenue, you are sure to improve customer loyalty.…

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