The Social Justice And The Old Testament Essay

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Thanks to the current growth of recent multidisciplinary approaches to the study of study of biblical archaeology and history, scholars have come to realize that biblical history took place in not just a political context, but as well as a social context. Hence a full understanding of what was going on historically in the biblical word requires some understanding of the ancient social structures that provided the background for the activities that where undertaken by biblical peoples. (Alexander and Baker, P.783)
This essay will endeavour to find out what are the social justice models in the Old Testament. It will also explain what Jesus said about social justice in Luke.

The notion of social justice is an obscure one. It resembles words that are commonly assumed are obviously biblical categories. Such as intimacy, community and warm words that are relational and self-evident. When in actuality they are rather under defined and culture relative.
Luigi Taparelli developed the phrase social justice in the nineteenth century, in the context of the Roman Catholic Church developing knowledge of a need to think through issues raised by the industrial revolutions. It was set in motion to establish a link between law and ethics.
Social justice then implies the idea of a “just society,” a society in which different individuals and groups in society get a “fair share” of its benefits. However Christians oppose about what constitutes a just society and how it should be achieved.…

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