The Social Issues Of Immigration Essay

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Immigration has been one the biggest social issues in American history. From the start of independence continuing through today immigrants have played a big role in society. Also a huge controversial issue many debate the consequences of immigration. An immigrant is often a person that has left their country in search of opportunity, and new beginnings. Each citizen having a different opinion on how immigrants have affected the United States as a whole. Immigration has impacted the economy, education system, culture, rate of illness, and poverty among the united states.
Immigration has lead to many problems not just in the United States, but to the immigrants themselves. Those who come to the United States deal with many issues such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Children that come to the United States illegally face trouble beginning or continuing their education. Family relationships also suffer greatly, many times relatives are separated from each other. Immigration has been a part of the United States since the very beginning.
Immigration first began in the colonial era, the first immigrants came looking for religious freedom, and also economic success. Slave trade and indentured servants also played a very big part of immigration bringing immigrants from Africa, England, and the United Kingdom (HSTRY). Famines throughout history, such as the one in Germany during the mid 19th century also brought more people to the United States. War criminals were…

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