The Social Issue Of Child Neglect And Abuse Essay example

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Authors often address contemporary issues people face in our society today, using characters and symbols to reinforce themes related to the social issues. In the story “Popular Mechanics”, Carver addresses the contemporary issue of child neglect and abuse. Three sources will be used and analyzed to help further the understanding of child neglect and abuse. The primary source, “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver, is a fictional story that uses characters and symbols to outline the social issue of child neglect and abuse. “The Role of Neglect in Child Fatality and Serious Injury” by Marian Bradon, Sue Bailey, Pippa Belderson, and Birgit Larsson, focus on the importance of noticing and detecting child neglect and abuse. Lastly, “Intimate Partner Violence and Risk for Child Neglect during Early Childhood in a Community Sample of Fragile Homes” by Eric Nicklas and Michael Mackenzie, use statistics and figures to explain the psychological reasoning behind child neglect and abuse. In the short story “Popular Mechanics”, Carver uses a short story as a framework to bring to light the issue of child neglect and abuse. The story begins in the middle of an argument between two parents, where the husband has decided to leave. The argument escalates as she grabs the picture of their child together, when the father exclaims “bring that back” (228). Carver uses the picture as a symbol of the fight they will soon have over the child. The act of taking the picture away is also used as a…

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