The Social Interaction Of Humans Essay

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This book can be analyzed using a number of sociological techniques. The material the authors discuss is about the social interaction of humans in cyberspace. Therefore this material can be discussed using a variety of sociological concepts. Some concepts that can be used are Conflict Theory, Functionalist Theory, power and authority, social norms, social movements, culture, ethnocentrism, social deviance and symbols. Max Weber’s idea of legitimatized power can be used to analyze this text. Weber believes that there are three types of authority, traditional authority, charismatic authority and rational-legal authority. Rational-legal authority is legal power enforced by bureaucracy and government. The concept of rational-legal authority can be used to analyze some material in the book. As discussed earlier, the authors of Cyber Security and Cyberwar argue that although governments wish to control the internet through their rational-legal authority, it is most likely impossible. Some do not believe this, Myriam Dunn Cavelty says that the government is gaining the upper hand. Cavelty says that due to national security concerns, cyber boarders will be created, and in some places already exist (708). Many could argue that China is a country with cyber boarders. She also says that totalitarian countries are using their immense rational-legal authority to create “cyber-sovereignty” to consolidate power (708). The idea of a social movement has been studied in sociology…

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