Essay on The Social Influences That Shape Criminal Behavior

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Throughout history there have been numerous explanations that try to determine why individuals or groups engage in criminal activity. Criminology is used to understand the causes of criminal behavior on both the social and the individual levels. There are many theories within criminology that are used by criminologists to explain what causes individuals and groups to commit crimes, as well as how to prevent them from doing so. One of main focuses of criminology is to understand the social influences that shape criminal behavior. Many popular images of crime portray explanations behind the motivations of criminal behavior. In the television show Dexter, the main character Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for the Miami police department who is living a double life. By day he works for the department as a forensic technician, but by night he is a serial killer who hunts down and kills criminals who slipped through the holes of the criminal justice system. Of the many criminological theories, routine activities theory and differential association theory are theories that Dexter relates to the most. Differential association is a theory of criminology that was developed by Sutherland. He proposed that the people whom individuals associate with shape and influence their behaviors. Sutherland was reacting to biological explanations, as well as strain and social disorganization theories. This theory poses an explanation for individuals and according to this theory, “criminal…

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