The Social Influence Of Operant Conditioning Essay

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Obedience is when an authority figure with enough perceived power tells people to change their behavior about something and the people then obey. An example of obedience is: the federal government requiring U.S. automakers to increase the average fuel economy of all their cars from 27.5 miles per gallon-37.8 miles per gallon by 2016. The federal government said “change” so the automakers then obeyed. Normative social influence is when an individual changes his or her behavior just to match another person’s behavior because he or she wants to be liked. An example of normative social influence is: imagine you and your friends pass by a recycling bin and a trash bin. If everyone else throws his or her empty soda bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash bin, you most likely will too. The reason why is because you want your friends to think you’re a good person for recycling. Operant conditioning is when you change an organism’s behavior by controlling the consequences of the behavior. This idea is sometimes called training. An example of operant conditioning is: some stores rewarding customers for bringing reusable totes bags by discounting 5 cents per bag off their total bill. This positive consequence (saving money), makes it more likely that people will change their behavior by bringing reusable totes instead of using plastic bags.

2.) The affective component of an emotion is a person’s feelings about some aspect of his or her environment. The behavioral component…

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