The Social Gospel From The Second Great Awakening Essay

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Before the 19th century, women in America were seen as less superior than men. As time continues, women in America began to show the power that helped the nation evolve. As women stayed at home, the more they wanted to get in touch with God such as the new social gospel from the Second Great Awakening. The social gospel from the Second Great Awakening started the social justice to the problems of abolition of slavery, education, temperance movement and women 's rights. I believe the five key major reform movements of the early 19th century (abolition of slavery, prison and asylum, education, temperance movement and women 's rights) are directly attributed to women 's new social gospel from the Second Great Awakening.
Abolition of slavery
Women had insufficient influences to the political system; however, women were usually involved in the abolishment of slavery. As the Second Great Awakening came around. Women saw the equality among the different ethnic groups in America. In the 18th century, the Abolition Society had around 200 women subscribed. As the Anti-Slavery convention of American women begins, “the broad principles of human rights were so exhaustively discussed, justice, liberty, and equality, so clearly taught, that the women who crowded to listen readily learned the lesson of freedom for themselves, and early began to take part in the debates and business affairs of all associations.” Most of the women of the abolition movement were in the religious group, such…

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