Essay on The Social Effects On Teenagers

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The Social Effects on Teenagers: When I started college, I did not have a driver’s license, so I had to take the city bus to school. Looking around, I quickly noticed that all of the adults on the bus were striking up a conversation with the other people around them. However, when I looked around at the teenagers, I noticed how they all had headphones in with their eyes glued to the screen of their cell phone. The teenagers on the bus seemed to be in their own little world that revolved around the cell phone in their hand.
I wondered why the teenagers were behaving this way, instead of striking up conversations like the adults. I came to the conclusion that this was a result of the cell phone. It seemed as if the teens were using their cell phones so they wouldn’t have to communicate face-to-face with the other teens around them. I discovered that this was a problem and must be negatively affecting their social health. After realizing this, I wanted to learn more about what causes cell phones to have such negative social effects on teenagers. Although adults also use cell phones (Hymen, 2014), the cell phone plays a huge role in a teenager’s life, and it causes teens to interact with each other differently. Cell phones alter their mindset of social interaction. Even though they do not give very many solutions to the problems associated with cell phones, researchers have acquired different conclusions in addressing the following questions: 1. What might explain why or how…

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