The Social Determinants Of Health Essay

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This media analysis will look at an article from ‘The Age’ that was released in 2016. It will discuss the contents of that article then discuss the health issue at hand, whilst incorporating the determinants of health and explain the foundation of this health issue as well as drawing upon reliable evidence to support this. The article being analysed is “Once-popular party drug ketamine now used to treat severe depression” 3rd February 2016 in ‘The Age’ Melbourne Newspaper. This article discusses the mental health issue of depression, and how it has recently been discovered that ketamine can be used to help treat the symptoms of depression.

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are defined as, according to Keleher and MacDougall (2016, p. 19), are social conditions in which people live and work, or factors that affect one’s lifestyle, such as economic, political, or social factors. These determinants can be seen as the foundation, or causes, of illnesses, both physical and mental. There are eleven consistent determinants in total; Early Life, Social Gradient, Education, Gender, Employment, Stress and Coping, Income and Income Distribution, Access to Services, Food, and Disability.

One social determinant that applies to depression is food. Food is a social determinant because it is important to eat healthy in order to stay healthy and in good shape. Food also provides our bodies with some of the key nutrients we need to function. Food can lead to depression in a number…

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