Essay about The Social Determinants Of Health

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5. Define and explain the significance of the social determinants of health. How is this connected to an understanding of social and health inequalities in Canadian society? How does this approach connect with environmental public health and your role as an environmental public health professional?

If one were to define healthy, one might define it as the absence of disease; another might define it as proper nutrition, exercise, a steady job, minimal stress, etc. The truth of the matter is healthy is defined as all of those things and more. Each ‘thing’ is considered a factor, and these factors are classified as social determinants of health. The social determinants of health refer to the economic and social conditions – and their distribution among the population – that influence individual and group differences in health status. They are health promoting factors found in one 's living and working conditions (such as the distribution of income, wealth, influence, and power), rather than individual risk factors (such as behavioural risk factors or genetics) that influence the risk for a disease, or vulnerability to disease or injury. You could take a child in the hospital and ask how he got here, but the social determinant asks why he got here. It more than just a broken leg, it’s that the family couldn’t afford proper nutrition or that the family doesn’t know what proper nutrition is. Health in this case, is conceptualized as a resource for living (or the person itself),…

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