Essay on The Social Determinants Of Health

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Primary health care principles aims at promoting health equities, social justice and person-centred approach to care (Gargioni and Raviglione, 2009). The social determinants of health are circumstances that where people born, live, grow, age and work had an impact on their life expectancy and health outcomes (Gupta, 2004).This is reflected in Mrs Samira Azizi, a 56 year old with an Afghan cultural background living in the community that require a nursing care, particularly post-operative dressing change following bowel cancer surgery. Mrs Azizi living with her family in an old farmhouse, 45 minutes away from town, unable to drive and with limited English language understanding that puts her at risk client living in the community (Henderson and Kendall, 2011). The community nurse will visit her for the first time. This case study will first examine the application of the primary health care principles involve in Mrs Azizi’s care with the intention of preventing the prevalence of health inequities amongst vulnerable groups or individuals (Kralik and Van Loon, 2011;Talbot and Verrinder, 2005). Secondly, the importance of undertaking safety and risk management issues to the client’s home environment, client itself, nurse and wider community will be addressed. Finally, emphasis will be given in developing a safety and risk management issues for pre and post home visit that the nurse identify.
Mrs Azizi was considered vulnerable groups living in the community and can be at risk…

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