The Social Construction Of Race Essay

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When I assert “I am white” it means that I have never had to question who I am as a person based on my race. I have never had to question the way I was treated just based upon the color of my skin. This calls to the social construction of race. I hardly ever have to question my race because I am white. Those of other races often fight internal battles where they question, “Is the reason I was just treated this way attributed to my race?” I hardly ever ask this question, because I am white. But what is a race? How is such a social construct of modern society defined? A race is a construct of shared historical consequence, beliefs, and commonality that have blended together with physical differences over time. What does this mean exactly? This means that throughout history or over a long period of time, “races” have developed due to many different defining factors. These factors range from geographical location, to things such as common laws, languages, and beliefs. As Dubois suggests, “It is a vast family of human beings, generally of common blood and language, always of common history, traditions and impulses…” For example, if one were to think of a “Germanic” individual, this person could come from many different countries, but could snugly fit into the broad constraints of a “Germanic race” that have developed due to the historical consequences over time. These constraints would include a shared history between the Germanic peoples, common blood, shared common beliefs,…

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