Essay about The Social Classification Of Race Invented?

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Question: 1) Why was the social classification of race invented?

Race being the social classification in which we distinguish one another by our ethnic and or regional background, enables us to not only create, but uphold systematic social status throughout the world. As proven through scientific research, race is not a substantive concept, but rather an unfounded concept that has been used to separate the human race overtime. This being the case, race was invented to create social class ranks; which sanctioned the appalling treatment of non-whites throughout the past couple of centuries. Is Afrocentrism a response to racism? Afrocentrism has enabled the domestic and diaspora African community to think highly of themselves, and rightfully so. Over the past four hundred years, the African American community has been oppressed beyond belief. Thus, when they get the chance to believe in and love themselves without question, it should not be taken away from them. It is not the African American community’s responsibility to make others feel good about themselves at the expense of their own happiness. Why is it their responsibility to end racism, when they finally take the initiative to be happy about who they are?

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Question: 2) Is black a color category, or a status?

In reference to the “One Drop Rule”, “black” is definitely a status and a color category. This rule allowed for the mistreatment of bi-racial, or Mulatto people at that time. Thus,…

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