Essay about The Social Aspect Of Feminism

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When I was a child I was taught that men are superior to women. Being taught this at a young age was demeaning because I felt that my gender was causing me to have limitations. The way I was brought up lead me to adapt to a new philosophy, feminism. However, as much as I advocate for feminism and praise it I cannot help but notice a hamartia. The social aspect of feminism consists of destroying stereotypes associated with traditional gender roles without criticizing the way someone expresses themselves. Traditional gender roles and religious stereotypes are important to reform because it does not promote equality because it is adding exclusions to behavior because of the way they express themselves. Social equality in both genders allows both sexes to have less limitations, less gender-bias, and less gender stereotypes. Feminists should reform the social aspect of feminism in order to reduce gender stereotypes, negative views of Muslim women that wear head scarves, and gender exclusion. Feminists often attack and stereotype women of the Islamic culture and claim they are products of male suppression; this is wrong because it is going against feministic ideals that represent equality. Theresa Corbin, A CNN reporter believes that “Islam turned out to be the religion that appealed to [her] feminist ideals,” which is the case for many Islamic feminists. Yvonne Ridley who was once a Western feminist explains in “How I came to love the Veil” how she thought “Koran chapters…

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