The Importance Of Volunteering

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I split my service hours from the YMCA for the fall festival and the hope center. While at the YMCA I donated my time for three hours and two hours at the hope center. I chose these locations because I am studying to be a teacher and like working with children. The hope center because I have donated my time there before as a boy scout and believe in what they do for single mothers and families. My question before I started this was how I’m I going to put the experiences of volunteering in this paper.
The experiences that I had before this service were of being nervous to begin something unknown to me. The anticipation quickened my heart beating in me chest which marched my mood perfectly. Eventually my heart rate slowed because I came to the conclusion that it’s to help people in need of ether guidance or doing something they can’t do
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A couple of kids that I watched had aggressive behaviors towards their personal social relationships. One in particular would become upset if he lost or become aggressive in the games he plays. He would shove other children and his character would change instantly from being nice to becoming angry with another kid. The sources that I have learned from say that children from low income families can limit the education that the child needs which can also lead to a child’s self-esteem being quite low. By having these events can help children bound with their parents and prevent some of these issues that many children have. Some effective programs that help these problems are the Orff Approach this program give children a way of explaining their thoughts and emotions through music wile words fail them. Musical experience helps ease the tension to their ability for self-expression. Through music they experience joy this reduces sadness and grief this program helps them accept other people as they are (Yun, Kim p

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