The Social And Legal Barriers Essay

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The social and legal barriers that have existed for women in our collective history have slowly faded and been replaced with a push toward parity, particularly in the West. Rigid gender roles largely prevailed throughout the greater part of the United States’ existence, until feminist movements slowly but successfully pushed for greater equality under the law. With each of these changes, the disparity in education for women has shrunk and opportunities in education and employment have grown. At this point in our history, legal barriers to educational opportunities for women are virtually non-existent, but the question that still prevails is whether true parity between the sexes exists. In the early years of the United States, it was clear where a woman fit into society – the domestic sphere. In fact, women were largely denied from the political sphere in any way. And despite the revolutionary nature of the United States, this carried over from colonial traditions. According to an historical study of inequality in education, “it was commonly accepted [in the colonial age] that women needed only to be prepared to be effective wives and mothers” (Mujic 10-11). Similarly, the attitudes toward women in the early history of the United States followed a similar dynamic: subjugation to the domestic sphere while men dominated the public sphere. It is no coincidence that our nation’s founders are referred to as the “Founding Fathers”; all of them were wealthy men with access to an…

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