The Smile Of The Woman By Lisa Gherardini

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The 16th-century artist Leonardo da Vinci produced what is perhaps the utmost famous painting in the history of Western art. The net worth of the painting is in the billions of dollars. The art quality produced looks comparable to a real person and it is a portrait of a woman named Lisa Gherardini she was married to Francesco Del Giocondo. The smile of the woman remains quite a mystery to countless people it is dated back to the 16th century before painter Leonardo da Vinci died. The painting was done using oil, which was common during this century.
The painting is a shocking one and after standing in line for 2 hours to observe it. One should definitely catch a glimpse at it in order to appreciate its full beauty. The painting
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Why is she smiling? I guess she 's smiling because she 's delighted or she’s smiling since she feels she 's superior to the public. Mona 's eyes and her mysterious smile indicate internal or psychological action. This has intrigued various people across the world and generations. Others may say the smile of innocence, while others still have a different interpretation. Maybe she is keeping a secret that nobody knows even her husband. These are all projections of meaning based on visual qualities. The biggest mystery is the analysis of the smile which is achieved through the sfumato, which is a painting style without clear-cut outlines. This is done by painting the color to blend in with the rest, which makes it tough for one to notice either difference using shadows that blend in the colors and objects. The same technique is used for ensuring there are no outlines showing a vast difference. Rather, the painter uses shadows that blend with the colors to create the …show more content…
There is much interpretation relating to the painting around the world. Numberless art critics suggest that the Mona Lisa is literally a portrait of Da Vinci himself. Frequent viewers from around the world examine the meaning behind the woman’s smile very differently. The Mona Lisa is widely considered the greatest portrait of all time. It has been seen in advertisements around the world. The painting is small being only 30 x 21 inches. The somber colors and the background set the tone of the picture. This painting has been singled out even though it has been 1000’s of painting similar during this era. However not one is quite as special as the Mona Lisa which was revolutionary in the early 16th century. When surveying this famous painting, the Mona Lisa, created by the tremendous multi skilled Leonardo da Vinci, I will admit that it was extremely difficult to appreciate the painting until you view it with your own eyes. I always wonder what the big deal was until I waited in line two hours; too grab a five min glance of this masterpiece. After all, it is just a woman who is sitting on a

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