The Small Decisions That Can Changed Your Life

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Sometimes it’s the small decisions that can change your life forever. Upon my arrival to the United State of America, I have been exposed to many different lifestyles, cultures, environmental and psychological changes, including good and bad behaviors. Five years ago, I was influenced by the poor decisions and thought of my friends. I was falling in the pathway my friends created for me. It was my step-mother, who I view as my mentor that gave my life another meaning. Without her I would not turn out to be the person I am today.
My life took and outreaches turn when my friends decided to live the streets life. Thoughtfully aware of consequences of socializing with this crowd, yet I was somehow trying to look and be like them. Psychologically
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As a psychiatrist she knew the changes I was facing and offered me the help necessary. After several therapeutic visits and the separation of myself from those who negatively influenced me, I knew it was time for me to the put the puzzles of my destiny together. I began working extra shifts in order to pay off some my debts, save some money for college, and prepared myself to move out. After several months, I pay off several of my debts and I returned to college with a more focus ambitions, determination, and confidence, briefly I knew what I wanted out of school and my goal was to achieve it. Psychologically I became more independent; I feel more in power of my decisions and thought, I never second guess my decision again, I speak my mind when I need to, I developed a sense of true friendship with the ones with a purpose. My mentor brought the moral of proud citizen back into my life. Spiritually, she helped me stepped out of the victim role and play the game of designing my destiny. She helped me contribute to my surrounding and serve with generosity; she helped me not to fear making mistakes because I am aware that can always be a spiritual lesson. Plus I have no fear of letting go of a relationship that no longer benefits me because I understand they already serve their purpose. Not only that she helped me conquered my life back and become optimistic, but I also look up to her. As …show more content…
Now that my objectives are set in place I worry less about others rejecting me, I think more positively. I have also learned that my life experience can reflect on other people lives. Today I am using some of my knowledge to guide my little brothers through their difficult times
From this experience I learned several things about life. I learned we get treated in life the way we teach others to treat us. I allowed my friends to overcome my thoughts; little by little I let them take control of my personality and gave me a new identity. My life was never this way prior to our friendship. I learned that it is never too late for one to wake up from a bad dream and realize there is more to life then thinking and being negative. Without this experience I believe my life would be a little different. I would most likely be living up to someone’s expectation and not sitting in this class today; I would remain in my parent’s house, and still socializing the same group friends. Without this experience I would never been able to become an example to my younger brothers. I would not be able to decide for myself or speak out. I strongly believe that I learned from my

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