The Slender Margin By Eve Joseph Essay

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Every human being faces two certainties in life, one is birth and the other is death. While birth is a joyful occasion that is celebrated and announced to everyone, death is often hidden in North American society. In the Slender Margin by Eve Joseph attempts to use an interdisciplinary approach in order to explore death and the differing perspectives towards it. She uses historical accounts, religious beliefs, personal memories, and literature in order to present the reader with various observations of death and how human beings interact with it. Joseph begins the book by focusing on her personal loss of her brother when she was eleven. Later on she develops this memory further to look at the grief surrounding this time along with the factors that influenced her own opinions of this death. Additionally Joseph also explores her twenty years of working within the palliative care system. She admits through her work she discovered that “to be with dying is to wade into mystery” (Joseph, 2014, p. 30). She later explores how the North American fear of death may be related to the mystery of what is the meaning of death. While Joseph’s own experiences with death represents starting points for each new theme, she uses different perspectives to further develop her memories in order to provide reasoning for her arguments. Eve Joseph’s book, In the Slender Margin, seeks to understand the North American fear of death through the use of an interdisciplinary approach.
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