The Slender Body By Susan Bordo Essay

1141 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
Often times people tend to focus more on achieving rapid results or working extra hard to reach their goal, that they tend to neglect the long term effects associated with putting excessive strain on their bodies. Throughout Susan Bordo’s “Reading the Slender Body”, and Greg Garber’s “ESPN Sports Injury Series”, we will explore the numerous ways in which our vision of the good life can become tainted or damaged due to the effects associated with repetitive harmful behavior. This includes, pushing our bodies to their limit, in order to obtain a desired result. In addition to the dangers of depriving our bodies of the rest they deserve.

Today, society has set a standard of what it means to be beautiful. Society has constructed a specific manner of thinking, which promotes self consciousness, and the participation in unhealthy behavior. For example, companies have created a marketing strategy where models and actors in magazines, movies, and TV shows, are often photo shopped to have flawless skin, bigger muscles, less fat, whiter teeth, no wrinkles, or imperfections. This encourages the viewer to participate in negative behavior that promotes self consciousness or unhappiness with their own bodies. When the viewer sees these models and actors, they will begin to compare themselves to these "perfect" images, and will want to look more like the people in the magazines. They will also become easily frustrated when they don 't see rapid results or changes on their own. The…

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