The Sleeping Beauty Analysis

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Sleeping Beauty
1) Introduction I was happy to watch my first ballet show The Sleeping Beauty on its premier Saturday 19 of 2016, directed by Salwa Rizkalla. The Chorography was from Marius Petipa and the music from Pyotr Tchaikovsky. There were seven ballet tutors or how they are called in French “The Repetiteur” for the entire cast. The Playbill does not include any review or biography about them but it included their names Lana brooks, Elizabeth Farmen, Askar Kettebekov, Natasha Miroshnyk, HannaPrzyludzka-Karacic, Sella Rizkalla and the director as well Salwa Rizkalla. The show took place at the Irvine Barclay Theatre and according to the playbill this production marks their 9th production since 1992 with this fairy tale. The Production
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The colors given to the setting were more humid and the lights were not dark but not too light making it seem like if it was a gloomy morning. As soon as this act started, it came to my head the image of a supernatural world. The entrance of the prince was great! He entered through the upper left side of the stage but with a very strong energy. I felt his energy all the way to my seat. Then The Nymphs show up dancing on points to the prince first, and then Lilac fairy also dancing on point showed up on stage through the upper right Stage. I find it interesting how they showed Princess Aurora behind the background curtain of the forest to assimilate her image while the Lilac fairy was explaining it to Prince Desire. Then Princess Aurora entered right upper stage but never dances with the prince because she was just the image of how The Lilac fairy was describing her to Prince desire. In this Act, Princess Aurora’s dress color changed a white but with a very soft, light green. I believe that was because it made her blend in as a fairy that forms part of forest. Which it makes sense because Prince Desire does not know her yet, and h must image her so beautiful as a mythical …show more content…
In this act the story becomes a material world with the glamorous and fancy palace. The theatre went very dark for a moment and the stage was shown with a blue dark light to show how the evil queen Carabosse tried to stop the prince from arriving the castle. This short section only the Lilac fairy was dancing on point. After the Prince Desire found Aurora sleeping on her bed, he gave a kiss that wakes he up from her eternal dream, so ROMANTIC. Since it was the longest act it contains many divertissement moments. Especially toward the end, the corps de ballets were having many small dances but it make since because they were celebrating the wedding of the prince and princess. One of the most repeated patterns in this act was the Pas de Deux. All the fictional storybook characters like The Jewels, The white cat and puss in boots, the enchanted princess and the blue bird as well as the little red ridding hood did the pas de dux. Each of the characters would do their entrée and then their solo moments. After the characters danced, Prince and the princess stepped out side stage from the right upper stage to the middle center and the princess did many pirouettes while the prince would stand behind her to hold her. Then it ends with the prince and princess on a sailing boat on the middle o the stage inside a palace, So

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