The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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The institution of slavery has been around since the pilgrims came to America. The southern economy of the United States has always been centered around large-scale farming with slavery on plantations growing cotton and tobacco. The northern and southern regions of the United States have very different economies. The north revolved around manufacturing and industry, while having some agriculture on a small-scale. The South had been bullied by the North for too long; last straw came in November 1860 when Abraham Lincoln won the Presidential Election. The South knew that the heart of their economy (slavery) was in danger of emancipation. Within three months, seven states, out of an eventual eleven, from the South seceded from the United States of America; this included: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas then Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina. Many people think the American Civil War was only started because of the argument over slavery; however, that is not true. Opposing views in politics, the election of Abraham Lincoln, states’ rights vs. federal authority, and expanding westward to the Pacific Ocean all contributed to the South deciding to secede from the Union to become the Confederate States of America.Though many believe the Civil War was simply because of the south wanting slaves it was actually a combination of several events: The 1860 Election, the Dred Scott case, and Lincoln essentially dividing the nation.…

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