The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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As early as the 1700 's slaves were common in the United States; they usually worked as farm hands in order to grow tobacco and indigo. They were not present in huge numbers before the 1790 's, and there was even a trend towards states banning or limiting the slave trade before that time. Slaves were separated from their families, which led to many families never seeing each other again. The people who defended and explained how slavery was not a cruel act were considered pro-slavery. They often used various techniques to defend why slavery is not morally wrong. The abolitionist were those who wanted slavery abolished. Abolitionist wanted slaves to be free and have the same rights as everybody. ‘What happened during the 1790 's?’ you ask. Well, as the United States grew westwards the cultivation of cotton, a valuable but labor intensive plant, grew as well. There was an enormous demand for cotton by textile manufacturers in Europe, due to a recent invention that allowed mass production. Cotton was previously a very difficult crop to profit from, because of the long hours required to separate cotton seeds from the actual cotton fibers. This all changed when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793, a machine that sped up the process, thereby making cotton farming a profitable industry for the Southern States. With large areas of prime land ready for crops the Southern states bought and transported slaves in record numbers in order to work on their cotton farms. Although…

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