Essay on The Slavery Of The United States Constitution

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"Control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively" – What Lincoln was saying here is that he had an idea to put each state responsible for their own state. I think what he wants is to balance the power in each state. His basically removing the power from the federal government to govern the state and to leave it on its own. Unfortunately, it did not last long and as of now federal government is still in control. It was a good idea, but it did not work well.
"Fugitive slaves" – These are the slaves from the South who ran away to seek refuge in the North. This is also known as the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. This act already existed in the United States Constitution. However, they made a new law that requires any slaves to be surrendered to the authorities. This was a bit terrifying to the colored people because even if they were born as a free person. They could be submitted into slavery if someone accused them of being a slave. This resulted in some African Americans to move to Canada, but it was still conquered by England at that time. Fugitive slaves are people who only wants to seek freedom and nothing else.
"Freeman be not, in any case, surrendered as a slave" – This is part of the Fugitive Slave Act, as I said before a freeman is never considered a freeman. This is really unfortunate to all those men and women of colored who was born in Massachusetts and considered to be free. Also to the ones that earned themselves to be free from being…

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