The Slavery Of The South Essay

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Erma Johnson was born in Racine, Wisconsin in 1933. Shortly after, his family relocated to Arkansas, the place where he grew up. They were extremely poor sharecroppers, often Johnson would have to pick cotton all day just to help his family barely make a living. One time, after working for a man for a week, the man refused to pay him, and being black, he had no recourse, he just had to accept it. His family often could not afford basic necessities like shoes. In spite of this, his father was an extremely resilient man. He raised his children with the attitude that nobody owed them anything and whatever they wanted in life they needed to get for themselves. They faced unimaginable racism in Arkansas, blacks could not walk on the same sidewalk as whites, they would be beaten for minor offenses, it was also common for black women to be raped, and have nowhere to report the crime. Wanting to escape the rampant racism of the South, Johnson moved back to his birth state of Wisconsin when he became an adult. He got married and had a child there. However, due to family problems, he moved to Las Vegas in 1952. His initial stay in Las Vegas was short lived, saying there was nothing here, but “gopher bushes,” so he moved back to Wisconsin for three years before returning to Las Vegas in 1955.
During this era, discrimination in Las Vegas was as bad as the South, according to Johnson. As a black man, there were sections of the city he could not go, and blacks were unable to get any…

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