The Slavery Of The Indentured Servant Population Essay

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In the seventeenth century Virginia saw an influx in the indentured servant population. These were typically young, white, and unmarried males who would work for about four to seven years in exchange for food, clothes, housing, etc. When their terms of service were terminated, these now freemen hoped to receive land ownership and some upward social mobility. Owning land meant that they could have a vote and in turn be a member of the society. By the 1670s, however, there was hardly any good, vacant land left to settle in Virginia, so they began to look towards Indian territories. Nathaniel Bacon, the young, ambitious cousin of Sir William Berkeley, the governor of Virginia, decided to lead this charge. These actions caused conflict over land and authority between Bacon and Berkeley and lead to Bacon’s Rebellion in 1675. Bacon believed that the Indians had too much land and the only way to solve the problem of land shortage in Virginia was to go out and take Indian land by force. When the Indians retaliated, Bacon called on governor Berkeley to send militia after the Indians. Instead, Berkeley denied that request and set up an unorganized group of forts on the border in attempts to not only keep the Indians out but mostly to keep Bacon and his followers from leaving. Bacon’s lack of authority and Berkeley’s unhelpful solution to Bacon’s requests lead Bacon to make specific allegations against Berkeley. On July 30, 1676, Bacon and his army issued the "Declaration of the…

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