The Slavery Of The Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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The Atlantic Slave Trade was a dark time in history. This was a time in which a specific race of people were looked upon as less than human. Monarchs and explorers only cared for their selfish gains which lead to the dehumanization of an entire race of people. From the 1450s to 1870s there were million of humans taken captive and turned into slaves, most from Africa. The absence of humanitarian concern for these people influenced the treatment of slaves in negative ways. These negative ways of treatment due to absence of concern were kidnapping, hard labor, and treatment much like that of animals. Most slaves were kidnapped from their villages to be used as slaves. Slavery was a denial of a lifestyle and culture into a life of work so someone can live good off your work. Slavery demanded a huge life change. There exist no care for that. Slaves were were looked at as cattle to be sold. On slave that was kidnapped named Offobah Cugoano explains how he was taken by saying, “I was early snatched away from my native country, with about eighteen or twenty more boys and girls, as we were playing in a field” (Doc 2). The horrors of the lose of family into and new environment in which your entire life immediately changes are catastrophic. Lives were gone and families were separated. The picture called The Boy Travelers on the Congo paints a horrific picture of how people were kidnapped and separated from the only life they knew (Doc 3). The lack of humanitarian concern also led…

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